About Me

Welcome to my blog about being a hapless mummy! I’m a 33 year old (who never really contemplated life after the big 3-0) who is also Mum to a beautiful baby girl. I admit to being a bit of a hapless parent who should be a lot more clued in to what to do when, and instead seem to have adopted a ‘make it up as I go along’ style of parenting. I also do not seem to be able to make the time to spend hours slaving away over home cooked meals for my family (despite loving cooking) or making home craft type projects (despite enjoying knitting, sewing and DIY-ing in general).


I work full-time as a doctor, and am always looking for shortcut ways to take care of my family and have fun  without spending hours of time doing preparation work which I really don’t have. This blog is about my experience of parenting in a hapless way, finding fun things to do and getting the boring chores done without taking too much time or spending too much money!


Thanks for reading!



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