Nursery Ideas – Pink Elephants

Slide1Today our daughter has been taken out by her grandparents for her first adventure in the new secondhand double buggy that they’ve bought. We were planning on going out for the day, but the weather was a little bit miserable (again) and my husband finally succumbed to the stomach bug that’s been going around. Whilst I’ve been administering my best nursing efforts (and at the same time trying to keep my distance and avoid catching the lurgy), I’ve been occupying myself with looking at some bits and bobs to decorate the new nursery with.

I decided that I might like a scheme based on elephants, and I’d already seen and liked the Abbey Elephant fabric from John Lewis. When she gets a little older I will get her the bedlinen, so I figured it was a good idea to plan her room around that so we didn’t have to redecorate it when she grows out of the cot. I’d quite like her to have a room that’s pale pink, and I think I really like a colour in the Dulux range called Sorbet. And we already have the Bibi Cot from Mamas & Papas, and we’ve found that its been a very sturdy piece of furniture that withstands our daughter’s escape attempts. There’s also a dark grey armchair from Ikea that looks sturdy and reliable, and should last her long enough to be worth buying but not so expensive that I mind if she ends up destroying it (I can already think of multiple ways in which this might happen).

I found the Taylor bedlinen from Pottery Barn which looks absolutely beautiful, and in the past I’ve found that items that I’ve bought from there have been good quality. Having said that they’re a little pricey and don’t always ship to the UK, and I might ask a friend to pick it up when they’re over in the US on work. I was surprised by how many things I found on Etsy which I really liked – some fabulous looking curtain tie backs, a cot mobile and wall stickers (because my painting skills are definitely not that good) as well as some bunting (which I might get away with – even though the husband has a pathological dislike of the stuff). To finish the room up I found a mint green elephant lamp which is on sale at Urban Outfitters – how trendy do I feel right now?!?!

Anyway, its just an ideas board and probably won’t amount to much. But lets see if I can get away with putting up some bunting as a starting point…..

For those interested, you can find all the products shown on the board via my Pinterest board – Pink Elephant Nursery


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