Grimsbury Farm

I’d wanted to take our daughter to meet some animals for a while now, and when a friend offered to take us to a farm I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go and meet some friendly creatures.

Chaos ensued as we needed to transfer the car seat from my car to hers, and then make sure I’d packed enough to get us around the farm. And then when we got there, we realized it had been a while since the little one had been in the baby carrier, and she had most definitely grown since the last time. Lots of fiddling with the baby carrier ensued, with the baby getting more and more irate. But the farm looked inviting, well laid out, and compact so off we set on our adventure.

We got to meet the ducks and geese, and she seemed to really enjoy herself. The sheep seemed friendly enough, and then we headed towards the main part of the farm itself. The Shire horse was clearly more interested in his lunch than in paying any attention to passing visitors (and who can blame him?!), and the two ponies were busy trying to munch or kick each other. The daughter was beginning to get a bit restless, so we wandered past the pigs to the birds and then onto the rabbits and guinea pigs – all very friendly and lovely but they did not seem to soothe our daughter.

It seemed like a good idea to take a gently stroll up to the woodland area, and have a bit of a walk around as this would definitely calm the baby down right?!? Wrong. So wrong. It turns out that she had decided she had enough of being in the baby carrier, and now did not like it at all. And unfortunately we were just about as far away from the cafe as you could be. So we walked (read marched as fast as could be without shaking the baby in the carrier too much) to the cafe, and I attempted to feed her. Alas she was having none of it, and after 15 minutes of crying in the cafe (and showing all the other babies how not to behave) she promptly fell asleep on me – meaning we had to sit there for 45 minutes. It was then time to go home, so we missed out on the goats and donkeys, as well as the play area that they have there.

Good things about Grimsbury Farm – lots of different animals, compact farm, kept clean and tidy, play area and well stocked cafe with friendly and helpful staff

Downsides about Grimsbury Farm – it was a bit icy on the day we went and so slightly slippy

The farm is a community run facility which opens from dawn until dusk and has free car parking and entry. There is a donation box to help fund the running of the farm, and there are lots of events run on the site. For more information, visit the website of the Friends of Grimsbury Farm


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