To Bio, or Non-Bio

When I was pregnant, I was told that ALL baby clothes HAD to be washed in Non-Bio washing powder to minimise the risk of any skin problems. The person who first told me had years of experience looking after children and knew what they were talking about on lots of other baby related issues, and this advice was then reiterated by just about everyone when the topic of how to wash baby clothes came up.

The problem is that my daughter has always been a bit messy. Its because I’m hapless and not really that good at dealing with the vomit that comes out (to me some mothers are blessed with a clair voyant like ability to know when their child is going to spew, and are gifted enough to be able to avoid all of it coming into contact with their baby and themselves). We went through a period of poop overflowing the nappy like a rising tidal wave of brown sludge which stained everything in its path. So now that we’re onto weaning – well you can imagine the mess. And I genuinely never thought I’d say this but I’d rather deal with poop than with a tomato-sauce based stain.

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Please ignore Jeremy Hunt

I have try to separate out my life as a mummy and my life as a doctor. Just because I’m a doctor, doesn’t mean I have all the answers to all the questions people ask me about parenting and their children, and it certainly doesn’t mean I have all the answers about my own child. But for once, I’m going to break this rule. Because its important. And because I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t break this rule this time.

Please ignore our current Secretary of State for Health, The Right Honorable Jeremy Hunt, when he tells you to look up your child’s rash on Google – as he thinks this would be faster than going to Accident and Emergency. 

I can only hope he’s saying this out of some misguided attempt to make A+E more efficient for patients who really need to be there. Because if he’s not misguided, and if he’s saying this for any other reason then I cannot comprehend how anyone could be that calculating. And ignorance does not excuse such a dangerous statement – not when its children’s lives that are at stake.

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Nursery Ideas – Pink Elephants

Slide1Today our daughter has been taken out by her grandparents for her first adventure in the new secondhand double buggy that they’ve bought. We were planning on going out for the day, but the weather was a little bit miserable (again) and my husband finally succumbed to the stomach bug that’s been going around. Whilst I’ve been administering my best nursing efforts (and at the same time trying to keep my distance and avoid catching the lurgy), I’ve been occupying myself with looking at some bits and bobs to decorate the new nursery with.

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Rainbow Dancing Ribbons

 ringsI take my daughter to baby sensory once a week, and she has always been fascinated by one of the toys that they have at the class. Its a 3 inch plastic hoop with 7 coloured ribbons attached to the hoop, which make up the colours of rainbow. You can twirl or shake the ribbons around in front of her and she loves it – and I tried to find this toy in a few shops with no success, and so eventually bought it for her for Christmas from the class teacher for about £4.

A month later the ring broke, and we managed to glue it back together again, but it got me wondering if we could have done better by making it ourselves or buying a slightly different toy elsewhere?

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Baby Purees

Maybe I’m understating how simple it is to make a fruit or vegetable puree, but now that we’re into month 2 of the process of weaning it seems to mean that making a fruit/vegetable puree is pretty much the same process regardless of what the base ingredients are. I feel like I’m missing the point – surely there must be some difference, otherwise there would not be recipe books which you can buy that contain hundreds of recipes for a variety of fruit/vegetable purees?!? Or is this just another way to get parents to spend money on something to enrich their children, which you actually don’t really need?

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